How to Be in Great Mood Despite All Odds

Let us face it, it takes some strength of character to keep things going the way you like them to be, which makes you a happy person, even if that is a short lived affair. Some people hardly ever give up to despair even if their life is not exactly a bed of roses, and yet, they manage to squeeze out the best out of it, no matter how tough the going gets. Now people with less character rarely see things as pleasantly surprising. There is of course too much complexity involved to claim how one’s life can be made so much better, but at any stage of life there is something you can claim as your own and giving you more. Then perhaps you will move to another stage of life where suddenly you have little left of those things and goods and people from the previous stages and what does that leave you with?

Giving up

Grief consuming you and regret as blindfolds separating you from the real world’s gritty stuff. While you could still claim you do not belong anywhere, you just need to look around first to see enough of the suffering, which should be enough of the bitter medicine to wake you up. But wake up, we do not want to hear of that, as pushing ourselves for more and blaming the world are better excuses. Now sometimes you might feel you know how to act and react, but then you make that one mistake that you pay for dearly. Say what, that will teach you a lesson you will never forget. So any crisis is good for the strengthening of the character, but the price of the lesson may still be too high to bear at times. Most people would just give up on trying, as they lived a better life and become immersed in repetitive patterns of behavior and wallow in self pity, as carrying the cross of the victim is so much better than enduring and seeing opportunities in anything that comes our way, despite any personal and world crisis.

Grit, determination and persistence, all combined together, could produce an expected outcome, but plenty of things in life happen by accident, which tells us a lot about anything fairness, many claim to want. No wonder we give a big hand to those who fall, which we believe to be a fair consequence, but we normally tend to skip the whole picture, when it comes to dealing with other people and their lives. Being judgemental about anyone yields unwanted feelings of hatred and malice and give rise to superiority. Unfortunately one must face the truth, in the broad daylight, we are all so naked, and when we were born, we were all vulnerable as babies, with no exceptions, but those barriers were built later on. However, even babies have their own preferences as the brain begins to develop further, so you could say, we are biased from the very birth. It is a mere chance that you are born into a rich family or that you need to do nothing else just live and learn and be an optimistically inclined personality. Some must simply work at it to overcome the childhood baggage and the natural streaks that permeate their lives.

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