Is She a Nerd?

It wasn’t long ago when the term nerd was considered to be derogatory. But somehow, through the years the definition of the term has changed and it has now come to mean something totally different. Some girls are actually aiming to be perceived as nerds.

But how can you tell if the girl that you like is genuine nerd or is just someone posing to be one? To help you out here are some of the signs that you should be on the lookout for:

She Wears Real Glasses

What’s the number one accessory of nerds? Glasses. You didn’t have to think for long about that one. But nerds wear glasses for a reason. Usually it’s because their eyesight is bad because of too much reading or too much computers. If the girl that you’re into is wearing fake glasses then chances are that she isn’t really a nerd but is just trying to pose as one because she thinks it’s cute.

She Has Hobbies

Aside from their distinctive appearance and rather awkward social skills, nerds are known for having some kind of hobby. That’s what they are really into, which is why they don’t have much of a social life. So if the girl that you like is obsessed by a hobby then there’s a good chance that she is a nerd. But if she doesn’t have anything else to do on her spare time except to hang out with her friends then maybe she isn’t.

How a Nerd Looks Like

If the girl that you like looks like the stereotypical nerd then she probably isn’t a nerd. Right now the nerd look is hot and trendy. Hipsters aim for that look. Real nerds for most of the time do not really aim to look like one. Either she doesn’t care how she appears or she has an exceptional fashion sense.

Nerds Are Technically Aware

There are always exceptions to rules but for the most part, nerds are really tech savvy. They know to handle technology and can handle computers and the latest gadgets that are coming out. If the girl that you like knows nothing of her computer beyond how to use it for her social media accounts then she might not be a nerd after all.

They Love Books

Nerds love to read. That can either be traditional books that are overflowing in their bookshelf or as eBooks in their tablets or readers. If you find out that the girl that you like isn’t into reading or into books then she might not be a nerd at all. Also the quality of what she reads is important. For the most part nerds are not into the same thing that “ordinary” girls are into.

These are just some of the things that you can use as signs to find out if the girl that you like is a nerd or not. These signs are not to be taken as absolute signs. As we have mentioned, there are always exceptions to anything.

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