On Creating

Perhaps you are familiar with Abraham Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, and the very top which encompasses self realization and the need to create, which is typically associated with work, pursuing a hobby, being a great parent and so on, whatever anyone could think of to feel fulfilled as a person. Creating or just building something is what is enough for many, nurturing the relationship or friendships or just working in a lovely garden are just some examples from a wide variety of innumerable activities that could be pleasurable and satisfying enough for people of any age, depending on their preferences and abilities. If that is the case, why do we look for satisfaction elsewhere, look up to those who have attained more than us, and through comparison, we lose focus of what is important to us only. In the meantime, other people envy us what we have but that is something what we consider unimportant. It is not the matter of the ability to accept compliments or relying on them way too much, it is more about our attitude to life and how we deal with its ups and downs.

Avoid the Routine

When we got into routine, we might dismiss what other people say that could be beneficial to us. A routine is a killer of imagination, but when the well of inspiration dries up we are pushed to defence or old ways of behaving, we are bored, expecting the life to take us by surprise and make us behave in a way that will kill boredom, instead of taking things into our own hands and moving forward.

Talking about boredom may be seen as a serious exaggeration in times when the crisis is king, but even in the times of war people focus on surviving first and then creating or procreating to uphold the feeling of stability amidst the horrors of everyday life, with the number of conceived children even greater after wars. When you compare your life, though you should not, and imagine yourself as a battered child and worse, is not that enough to overcome that feeling of helplessness and need to have more before you can start creating? Do you have to hit the rock bottom to realize how deeply asleep you have been which should be more than enough to prompt you to act in your best interest?

Do Not Waste Any More Time

They say TV kills your brain, so if your tendency to indulge in watching it is seriously overwhelming, try at least to cut down on it a bit so that you can introduce some novelty as long as it fits your current needs. When you become engrossed in reading a book, exercising your mind and other things, do you still feel something is amiss and you need so much more to feel accomplished? If so, you could be betting on the wrong horse. You are too hungry for more, hungry for a different set of genes, family and a different body, unable to be happy with what you already have, which is a poisonous to both the mind and the soul. Concentrate more on what you do have and then see what is happening, just for a change, though that might not be to your liking.

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