Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Beginners

Pinterest is a new social networking site that lets you post and share “pinboards” with the other users. Image driven and whine-free, it is a perfect marketing platform for marketers who wishes to expand and enhance their online market. Unlike with Facebook, you don’t have to deal with all the whining from the other users. It is not difficult to avail and utilize in promoting your product or service on the Internet.

Easy To Use

The best thing about Pinterest is that it is quite easy to use. Marketers who are starting their online career will find it an interesting social media site. Pinterest lets you market your products, services, and ideas without a need for technical skills. You don’t need to be highly competent about technological advances. Simply share your image collages to your peers on the social networking site and expect great results with the traffic factor of your website. The images you “pin” will draw the interest of viewers to visit your site.

A Standout to Sell

As a newbie, starting your marketing career with Pinterest is a brilliant idea as it is a hard hitting marketing tool that has surpassed Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook when it comes to driving traffic. An estimated number of 1.5 million users visit the website on a daily basis. If successful, you can pull in a decent amount of visitors to your website just by pinning images on the online site. Still, you need to have some good strategies in order to become successful. Of course, success is not achieved easily. You need a good plan to reach your goals. Here are some of the best marketing strategies for the beginners like in order to make headways.

  • Profile – complete your profile by adding all the necessary information about you and your interests. Adding a paragraph about who you are will help you in the long run as you use Pinterest for marketing purposes. Add your website URL on your profile so that other users can see your online site you manage. The URL would be your link in drawing them to your site.
  • Pin more – as a newbie, you need to pin a lot of image collages on Pinterest.  Instead of pinning stuff in bulk, maintain a steady stream of images uploaded on the social networking site for better results. A continuous posting of photos on the marketing platform lets a marketer get more online “exposure” on the website. Choose the best and attractive images. Quality should be your priority and not quantity.
  • Tag Other Pinterest Users – if you know other Pinterest users who share the same interest with yours, you can tag them on your posts. Simply tagging other users will give you additional visitors to your website. An improved market is usually the result after tagging other people on your “pinboards”.

Pinterest is a fun way of marketing your products, services, contents, and ideas through images. Unlike with other marketing tools, you will definitely enjoy doing your task with the image driven social media site.

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