Top Activities You Can Do With Your Child During Weekdays

Being a parent definitely has its ups and downs as you try to juggle your careers and raise your child at the same time. If your job takes you away from your children for most parts of the day and they are left in day care for many hours, it is always a good idea to spend a few moments with them each day so that you can touch base and still watch them grow and how they are developing. Remember that you should still be the primary teacher of your children so you really have to set aside some time each day to foster and nurture their growth.

Grow Their Love For Reading

One of the best activities you can do with your child is to find a book that you both will love and to spend a considerable time reading to them. If you have a toddler, a simple picture book with a word or two will do wonders and for bigger kids, you can go for short story books. Make sure that even though we are at the digital age that you still share to them classic stories about heroism, bravery, loyalty, chivalry, and respect. Classic tales and nursery rhymes will never grow old with children so invest on books that have these stories. Your child will be able to relive these stories and will definitely thank you once they are older.

Playing Simple Games With Your Child

Another top activity that you can do with your child is to find a simple game with your child and play with them. Tossing and throwing a ball between each other and playing catch is an excellent simple game that your kid will definitely enjoy. Or if you can find a plain blanket, you can punch holes all over it and play hide and seek or make a tent with it. Punching holes all over the blanket will ensure that your kid will not be suffocated in it should they find themselves wrapped around the blanket for more than a few minutes. If you also have a rope, you can play tug with your child and they will enjoy all the times that you both will fall down and tumble in laughter.

Draw Their Imaginations

If you can collect a few art materials for drawing, bring them out during activity time and just draw and color with your kid. Drawing is also one way to release some stress out of your body so you are actually shooting two birds with one stone here. Make sure that pencils and sharp drawing tools are still away from your kid if they are below three years old and just stick to crayons that are non-toxic and those that do not contain any chemicals or lead. There are also some paints that are food-grade and can be eaten ñ just in case your child decides to, of course. Doing all these activities will foster your kidís imagination and they will cherish these moments when they grow up.

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